Marzocchi Axle Clamps QR20 (no FOX!) 🔮💕🤔✌

2003 – 2004

This page is about DR-ZOCCHI’s ‘Marzocchi Axle Clamps QR20 Project’. 

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You probably know that Marzocchi built different Parts to hold 20mm Axles in place. THere is a left & a right version, I will probably do one which fill fit both sides because of costs & efforts.
I’m sure there are some more. 
If you are able please contribute!
Art. No.YearDescriptionRef. NO.
7100242003QR20 Lever64
710025/C2004QR20 Pin Kit with Lever64
710026/C2004OE QR20 Nut & Bolt Set66
5490662003QR20 Nut63
5490712004QR20 Nut63
520333AA2003QR20 Screw60
505082/C2003/2004LH QR20 Right Clamp Unit & Screw62
505081/C2003/2004RH QR20 Left Clamp Unit & Screw61


Axle Clamps QR20 Parts 2003-2004

2003 – 2004 Compatible Forks :

2004Z1Z150 FreeRide SL QR20
2004DJDirt Jumper II - 150 QR20
2004Z1Z1 Free Ride
2004Z1Z150 Free Ride QR20
2004DJDirt Jumper II - 110 QR20
2004Junior TJunior T QR20
2005Drop OffDrop-Off 130 QR20
2004Z1Z150 Drop Off QR20
2004Z1Z1 Free Ride SL QR20
2004DJDirt Jumper III - 130
2005Drop OffDrop-Off 150 QR20
2005Drop OffDrop-Off 110 QR20
2005Drop OffDrop-Off Triple 170 QR20
2004DJDirt Jumper III - 130 QR20
2004Super TSuper T
2004DJDirt Jumper II - 130 QR20
2004DJDirt Jumper III - 110 QR20
2004DJDirt Jumper I - 130 QR20
2004Z1Z1 Drop Off I QR20
2004DJDirt Jumper I - 110 QR20


2001 – 2002

Art. No.YearDescriptionRef. NO.
505057/1>A2001Axle Clamp30
505057/1>B2002Axle Clamp29
505057/1>C?Axle Clamp?


Axle Clamps QR20 Parts 2001-2002

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